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Ed Chaffin's Certifications and Affiliations

Ed Chaffin's Certifications are the foundation of his reputation. Everyone can call themselves a coach, but education and experience in coaching distinguish one from the rest.

Ed Chaffin's Certifications

The blue and yellow Logo of International Coaching federation, one of Ed Chaffin's Certifications

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Ed completed his Professional Coach Certification at the International Coach Federation---one of the leading global organizations for coaches and coaching. Their programs hold high standards in building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

The blue and white logo of Social and emotional intelligence institute, one of Ed Chaffin's Certifications

Social Emotional Intelligence Profile Certified Coach

The area of social and emotional intelligence coaching is rapidly growing in demand today. Life coaches and executives/business coaches alike use it. Ed Chaffin completed his SEIP Certification from SEIP Certified Coach from The Social and Emotional Intelligence Institute.

The red,green,yellow, and blue logo of birkman, one of Ed Chaffin's Certifications

Certified Senior Consultant and Birkman Mindset Certification

Ed Chaffin has been using the Birkman Method for over 20 years and is an expert in analyzing and interpreting the information. He considered Dr. Roger Birkman one of his mentors and is blessed to stand on his shoulders to continue the legacy of impact on people and their lives that Dr. Birkman desired and accomplished.

The Birkman Method Assessment provides reports that deliver data-rich insights to drive successful organizational development and to help you grow professionally. The high-level personality data will help you increase emotional intelligence, amplify growth, and strengthen performance.

The logo of a what looks like a wave of brain-based leadership academy, one of Ed Chaffin's Certifications

Brain Based Leadership Certification

A brain-based coaching approach is deeply rooted in neuroscience. The program utilizes the latest medical insights about how the brain works to deliver powerful and positive leadership and team transformation workshops.

Ed holds a certification in Brain Based Leadership from the Academy of Brain Based Leadership---a recognized group of leaders in the field of neuroscience of leadership. Their expertise has been highlighted in many global conferences, radio interviews, TED talks, scientific publications, and leadership books and blogs.

blue and red logo of Wharton School of Business---ranked No. 1 in Best Business Schools, one of Ed Chaffin's Certifications

Executive Development Program

This program will enhance managers' business and leadership skills who aspire to be among their organizations' top leaders.

Ed completed an Executive Development program at the Wharton School of Business---ranked No. 1 in Best Business Schools.

The logo of IMD with the text on the bottom that says real learning, real impact. , one of Ed Chaffin's Certifications

High Performance Leadership Program

High-Performance Leadership Coaches are the best facilitator for team workshops. They help leaders identify their issues' source and set the right objectives for organizational development.

Ed completed his High-Performance Leadership Program at International Institute for Management Development. The Financial Times Executive Education Rankings have ranked IMD among the top five for 15 consecutive years.

Logo of postive intelligence with a big P on the very left and a plus sign in its center. On the rigt side is the words "Positive Intelligence". This is one of Ed's Certifications

Completed Initial Course of Positive Intelligence Program

Positive Intelligence is an app-guided program that rewires the brain for peak performance and happiness. It represents a breakthrough in your ability to raise Emotional Intelligence (EQ) across your organization. 98% of our program participants experience EQ growth, and in some ways, it can be very life-changing. The percentage of participants improving each competency

Logo of 7 paths forward that encomprises of a bunch of green parallel lines forming an asterisk. Under the asterisk is the words "7 Paths Forward

Completed A.C.E. Certified Coaching Program

The Accelerating Coach Excellence (A.C.E.) Coach Accelerator aims to help coaches learn the secrets to becoming highly sought-after corporate coaches. With this training, they'll understand clients' challenges, make a more significant impact, and grow their coaching practice more effectively.

Gallup logo of a black circle with a letter G in the middle and a green line under it

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

The Gallup-Certified Strength Coaches are the epitome of strength-based coaching excellence. Ed completed the faith-based version of the CliftonStrengths program (formerly known as Strengthsfinder). The skills, confidence, and elite status that Ed gains from this program set him apart from other coaches. As a certified coach, Ed can help people achieve their purpose by leveraging their CliftonStrengths. His goal is to lead people to live their best life, both at work and outside the office.

Ed Chaffin's College Affiliations

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