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Ed Chaffin's Speaker Resources

“I attended the ATD-CIC Leadership Summit and had the good fortune to hear Ed speak and participate in his leadership workshop. I’ve attended many conferences over the course of my professional career, but this one really stood out due to the impassioned facilitator and the relevant content.

It was an emotional and powerful journey that completely engaged the audience. I took many notes, and so many of Ed’s tenets continue to influence how I lead, motivate, and inspire my team each day.”

Bob Thalls, Director of Corporate Training, Dickinson Fleet Services

Please use Ed Chaffin’s speaker resources below. To assist you in preparing for Ed Chaffin to be a part of your upcoming event, podcast or media interview, you can download at your convenience. These resources are intended for meeting planners, podcast hosts, media outlets, organizations and more looking to invite Ed Chaffin to speak to their audiences.

Speaker Resources: Print and Digital

Speaker Resources: Headshots

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