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That’s UnCommon Leadership®

My goal is to provide the best leadership coaching possible to set you up for success.

Years ago, I was asked a question by my daughter that changed everything.

“When you get dressed, do you put on sock, sock, shoe, shoe or sock, shoe, sock, shoe?”

I had never considered it. Have you? (And now that I have, I know that I’m a sock, sock, shoe, shoe kind of guy.)

Her simple question had larger implications. Like most people, that wasn’t the only scenario that I found myself taking action on repeat without giving it much thought.

Do you know why you do what you do? How many things have you done today on automagic mode? Do you know how you lead? Or, better question, how you hope to inspire others as a leader?

“I’m ready to help you lead with purpose and for purpose
so that you can become an UnCommon Leader.”

- Ed Chaffin, Executive Coaching Expert/Keynote Speaker

Meet Ed Chaffin, PCC

Ed Chaffin is the CEO and Founder of The UnCommon Leadership® Institute, LLC. He has experienced first-hand that the best way to reach your highest leadership potential is by understanding the “roots of your leadership.” Through his dynamic keynotes, the best leadership coaching, and organizational development mentoring, he inspires leaders to identify the source of the issues that will help unlock positive change for all – the leader included. Having helped build 3 companies as an executive and supported over 300 leaders in over 20 countries around the world, Ed brings his vast experience of learning what helps leaders be their best selves and inspires all leaders to leave that lasting legacy.

Are you ready to become an UnCommon Leader?


Navigate through barriers.

Discover what keeps leaders from reaching their full potential. With decades of experience leading teams & organizations to success, Ed is known as a keynote speaker with the best leadership coaching skills because of his powerful, inspiring impact as he transforms leaders in the process.


Leaders are never not leading.

From executive coaching to team transformation workshops, Ed helps leaders leverage their strengths and intrinsic motivations to become the best versions of themselves and inspire their teams to achieve better results. Above all, Ed gifts the leaders he coaches to become experts in their own right.


Growth requires reflection.

The Birkman Method® Assessment is a meaningful tool to facilitate that growth. Ed leverages this proven method to reveal each person’s unique personality and identify how it impacts their individual leadership approach. In other words, Ed defines key insights to make great leaders into the best leaders.

Team transformation workshops: Ed Chaffin synthesizes his multiple decades of experience into a roadmap for leaders who are ready to transform themselves – as well as others in the process.

If you are only using one type of leadership style, how is that working for you?

Leadership is personal and personalized. At least UnCommon Leadership® is.

Ed Chaffin synthesizes his multiple decades of experience into a roadmap for leaders who are ready to transform themselves – in addition to others in the process.

UnCommon Leadership® for the New Reality: 3 Principles that Drive Greater Awareness, Engagement, and Psychological Safety uncovers what it means and what it takes to be a leader like none other … a leader that walks their talk, has high integrity, brings their people together for the greater good, and practices a form of personal and personalized leadership that focuses on the people they are blessed to work with and lead first and foremost.

In recent years, Covid and other social and economic shifts have brought us into what I call a New Reality in the workplace. People’s expectations have changed. Employees are more in charge and more likely to dictate the terms of their work.

One thing any business or organization wants to avoid is employees or participants who are disengaged. They’re physically present, but their minds are elsewhere, and who knows where their hearts are.

People can experience the same event or interact with the same person and come away with completely different versions of that event or person. Our beliefs about ourselves and others largely define what type of leader inspires and motivates us.

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