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Corin Gasdoiu, NLP Trainer

Emerging from a backdrop of a former communist nation, defined by constrictions and limits, Corin Gasdoiu has devoted himself to empowering individuals to shatter their own boundaries and fears. He consistently exemplifies the principles he champions — whether it’s embracing commitment and consistency or taking bold, decisive actions towards his aspirations, he unfailingly leads by example.

As a Leadership and Self-Leadership Coach, Corin devotes himself to guiding clients through transformative journeys of personal growth and empowerment. Leveraging his expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strategic Intervention Coaching and several other coaching modalities, he assists individuals in cleansing thought patterns, reshaping behaviors, and cultivating desired traits to reach their vision.

With a profound desire to foster Radical Transformation across various life domains, ranging from nutritional consulting to relationship coaching and mindset mastery, he traversed the globe to learn from some of the best in the field of coaching and personal transformation. He studied with 2 of the NLP founders, and was personally mentored by Frank Pucelik for years. This diverse expertise allows him to empower clients to achieve meaningful change and progress in every facet of their lives. Central to his philosophy is the concept of Radical Ownership, which underscores complete accountability for outcomes and the intentional pursuit of growth. Corin champions the belief that we are our most valuable asset and the most important factor in our results, thus emphasizing the significance of harmonizing with personal values, identifying strengths and vulnerabilities, nurturing well-being, and embracing one’s authenticity.

Our interactions are shaped not by life itself but by our beliefs and interpretations. Our beliefs profoundly influence our perceptions, decisions, actions, and ultimately, our results. All of our successes and failures are motivated by our mindset and mental tactics. All of our successes and failures are motivated by our mindset and mental tactics. By refining our thinking patterns, aligning with reality, and fostering new perspectives, we unlock fresh opportunities, engage in purposeful actions, and journey toward the life we want.

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