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Elisa Zervos, PCC

As a Leadership Development Coach, Elisa Zervos guides leaders to Uncommon levels of effectiveness. In fact, the integration of her education, career in operations management, and international experience makes her a powerhouse.

Elisa coaches mid-senior level managers on how to coach their teams. Consequently, they become change leaders, and learn to engage with a multigenerational and globally diverse workforce.

By co-designing a “blueprint” of action steps, Elisa Zervos holds a client accountable to a positive change in behavior. A person’s “value proposition” is also created based on the accumulated skills, interests, and natural abilities of different stages in their careers.

She is experienced in applying 360 assessments and MBTI results. Along with her background in Birkman, STRONG and DISC, Elisa also helps high-potential individuals develop much needed soft-skills. Under her guidance, they become better leaders by integrating new behaviors and actions into their daily work routines. Her background in management is her foundation for coaching leaders. She keenly understands the challenges relating to delegation, engagement, developing talent, connecting silos and providing the “gift” of feedback.

Elisa’s style is down-to-earth and authentic, removing any pretense in a coaching relationship. When clients are 100% committed to achieving their goals, they receive her dedication and best-in-class coaching. Tailoring follow-up actions, she enhances her clients’ goals in areas of personal effectiveness, business acumen and corporate visibility. She is flexible, objective and places heavy emphasis on maintaining a “no-judgment” zone.

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