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People + Process = PROFITS

The UnCommon Leadership® Institute is dedicated to helping leaders solve this equation, for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

We know that knowledge empowers.

And we always start here. Our team leverages a proven, repeatable method that reveals everyone’s unique personality, unlocking the key on how to inspire growth.

We help leaders move from barriers to breakthroughs.

Through executive coaching, keynote speaking and team workshops, we help leaders discover the source that keeps them from reaching their full leadership potential. We know that breakthroughs can happen, and we help leaders breakthrough to the next level in their leadership journey.

We transform teams.

Through workshops and off-site experience, we assist teams across the world to achieve better results by aligning and working better together. Our goal is to help organizations improve relational dynamics, reduce turnover, reform toxic teams, improve productivity and forge better results. Who wouldn’t want that?

Transform Your Leadership in 3 Ways


Leadership That Changes Everything: Enduring Principles That Drive UnCommon Leadership®

Have you ever questioned what makes a great leader? Or why maybe you’ve tried to elevate your leadership game and you didn’t succeed?

Creating sustainable change in the way you lead can be a challenge for most people. One reason? – it’s driven by the way the brain works and it wants and needs efficiency. In his dynamic, interactive keynote address, Ed showcases the 3 principles of leadership that drive UnCommon Leadership®. Gain a fresh perspective of what it takes for your leaders in this New Reality of our workplace and what is required today for high performance leadership.

“I attended the ATD-CIC Leadership Summit and had the good fortune to hear Ed speak and participate in his leadership workshop. I’ve attended many conferences over the course of my professional career, but this one really stood out due to the impassioned facilitator and the relevant content.

It was an emotional and powerful journey that completely engaged the audience. I took many notes, and so many of Ed’s tenets continue to influence how I lead, motivate, and inspire my team each day.”

Bob Thalls, Director of Corporate Training, Dickinson Fleet Services

An image of Ed doing a leadership coaching with a woman with her face turned the opposite from the camera.


The UnCommon Leadership® Institute has worked with teams across the world, inspiring leaders to lead in a new way (and in this New Reality). From executive coaching to high performing team workshops, we assist teams, organizations, and companies in driving positive results, inspiring creativity and innovation and reducing the conflicts present in most teams. How is this accomplished? 

We know that one of the key elements of people working effectively and productively in teams is the brain based leadership concept of psychological safety – creating an atmosphere where everyone on the team is valued and their voices are heard.

“Insightful discussions and challenges help drive the thought process. Regular check-ins guide the progression. Ed’s international experience also provides very useful cross-cultural insights.”

Paul C., CFO


Ed Chaffin has been using the Birkman Method for over 20 years and is an expert in analyzing and interpreting the information. His expertise has been developed by providing consultations to over 3,000 people and working with over 50 different teams around the world! He considered Dr. Roger Birkman one of his mentors and is blessed to stand on his shoulders to continue the legacy of impact on people and their lives that Dr. Birkman desired and accomplished.

The Birkman Method Assessment provides reports that deliver data-rich insights to drive successful organizational development and to help you grow professionally. The high-level personality data will help you increase emotional intelligence, amplify growth, and strengthen performance.

“Ed and his team worked with us using the Birkman assessment, a comprehensive evaluation that goes far beyond DISC or Myers-Briggs. It helped us understand our natural and stress styles of operation and how that impacts our interpersonal and team interactions.”

John P., CEO