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Biography of Ed Chaffin

Ed Chaffin, is the CEO and Founder of The UnCommon Leadership® Institute, LLC. He founded the Institute to live out his passion for changing the world one life at a time by helping leaders and their teams be the best version they can be by examining where they’ve been, where they are and where they are going!

Ed is a seasoned executive, speaker, author and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the HR and talent arenas. He has been part of the executive team of three companies that he helped build and his successful corporate career included being President of the largest division of TALX Corporation’s (now Equifax Workforce Solutions) unemployment services division serving 9,000 clients and 1,200 employees. After retiring in 2008 from that firm, he established a new career as an international leadership consultant and certified executive coach. He has coached more than 300 executives from around the world as well as worked with numerous companies, their leaders and their teams to bring them into better and stronger alignment and a higher level of performance. Ed was an executive coach for 10 years at IMD – The International Institute of Management and Development (Lausanne, Switzerland) in their High Performance Leadership (HPL) executive development program. IMD was ranked the #1 open enrollment university for 8 consecutive years by the Financial Times and HPL is still the #1 program at IMD.

He has worked with many companies globally bringing their leadership teams into better alignment and has coached their C-level executives one-to-one. Ed has developed the capacity to work with leaders that need to completely reinvent their approach to leadership starting with self-leadership or personalized leadership. And, he has worked with companies and leaders from over 20 different countries such as Schindler Elevator, Chegg, Anomali, State Fund, Navis, Home Depot, and many Silicon Valley start-ups plus start-ups from other areas of the US.

Ed is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation, an SEIP Certified Coach from The Social and Emotional Intelligence Institute, a Birkman Certified Consultant and completed a certification in Brain Based Leadership from the Academy of Brain Based Leadership based in San Francisco. In addition he has affiliations with three major universities; 1) Louisiana State University, teaching leadership in the MBA program, 2) University of Missouri and their execMBA program where he co- developed and co-led a career and leadership program, and 3) IMD as previously mentioned. He is also the author of UnCommon Leadership® for the New Reality: 3 Principles that Drive Greater Awareness, Engagement, and Psychological Safety.

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