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Ed Chaffin, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) is the CEO and Founder of  The UnCommon Leadership® Institute.

He founded the institute to live out his passion for changing the world one life at a time by helping leaders and their teams be the best version of themselves that they can be!

Ed is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation, an SEIP Certified Coach from The Social and Emotional Intelligence Institute, a Senior Birkman Certified Consultant and holds a certification in Brain Based Leadership from the Academy of Brain Based Leadership. He has had affiliations with three major universities where he has taught leadership in a Master’s and an MBA program at Louisiana State University and the University of Missouri and coached at IMD, the International Institute of Management in Lausanne, Switzerland in their #1 Executive Development program High Performance Leadership.

He is a seasoned executive, speaker, author, and entrepreneur and has helped build 3 companies as an executive. He has coached and worked with over 300 leaders and teams around the world through his coaching, workshops, speeches, and team’s programs whereby he shares his knowledge and expertise on leadership that has been codified in his soon to be released book UnCommon Leadership for the New Reality: 3 Principles That Drive Greater Awareness, Engagement and Psychological Safety.

One-Size-fits-All Leadership is Dead!

Leadership is personal and personalized. What does that mean and why is it important to embrace that ethos now? The Covid pandemic exposed, in ways that no one could have ever imagined, that people are looking for something entirely different than they have been receiving from their companies and leaders. What motivates and inspires one person may be very different from what motivates another. UnCommon Leadership® for the New Reality: 3 Principles that Drive Greater Awareness, Engagement, and Psychological Safety will provide the roadmap to evaluate oneself, where we are going, and what inspiring leadership looks like in the New Reality.
UnCommon Leadership® for the New Reality Book

“I attended the ATD-CIC Leadership Summit and had the good fortune to hear Ed speak and participate in his leadership workshop. I’ve attended many conferences over the course of my professional career, but this one really stood out due to the impassioned facilitator and the relevant content. It was an emotional and powerful journey that completely engaged the audience. I took many notes, and so many of Ed’s tenets continue to influence how I lead, motivate, and inspire my team each day.”

– Bob Thalls, Director of Corporate Training, Dickinson Fleet Services

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Ed Chaffin inspires leaders to create an impact by transforming themselves in the process through keynote addresses, full and half-day workshops and immersive team experiences. His most requested keynote address, UnCommon Leadership® for the New Reality, Ed showcases the principles of leadership that unlock the reasons why change and growth can be elusive. Gain new perspective of what it takes for your leadership growth if these principles are absorbed, practiced and applied!
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