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Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker

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Leadership Coaching Podcasts

Ed Chaffin, PCC, CEO and Founder of The UnCommon Leadership® Institute, is passionate about changing the world one life at a time by helping leaders and their teams achieve their potential.

He is a seasoned executive, speaker, author, and entrepreneur and has helped build 3 companies as an executive. He has coached and worked with over 300 leaders and teams from around the world through his leadership coaching, workshops, speeches, and team programs.

Suggested Questions

  • What was the catalyst for you to write a book and what are the book’s main theme(s)?
  • In your coaching and consulting career, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
  • What do clients get when they hire you as their coach and/or consultant?

Suggested Topics

  • Leadership is personal and personalized.
  • Why are beliefs so important in becoming a great leader?
  • What do leaders need to know in the New Reality of our workplace?
  • What message do you have for others who are still struggling to move forward?
  • You devote a lot of real estate in your book to the Birkman Method® Assessment. Why?

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